Winter – Coming Soon to A Mountain Near You!

| September 26, 2008
Ahead of time, it often seems that the Black Diamond Avalanche Forecast Party is always held too early in the season, but inevitably, within a day or so of the party and seeing all of the skiers get back together after a hot summer, the weather begins to change and people start having skiing on their mind.  Living in Park City (outside of the cute part by about 10 miles), the temps are coming down and the Aspen’s are in full flame — winter is just around the corner!
The aspen's are starting to go off at 7,100' in Park City!
The leaves are starting to go off at 7,100′ in Park City!

 A Fall Rite-of-Passage is to go harvest firewood, which is really just an excuse to play with chainsaws.  This year we ended up having a great harvest, especially considering it only took us a couple of hours to collect. 

Got wood?  Ski partner Brad "B-Rad" Barlage shows off his van stuffed with wood.
Got wood? Ski partner Brad “B-Rad” Barlage shows off his van stuffed with wood.

After getting all of this wood home, it turned out there was a Yellow Jacket nest embedded somewhere in it and Brad took a dozen stings for the team.
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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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  1. Polly says:

    Umm. I think that is a maple leaf. Either way, winter is coming! Hurray.

  2. Terry says:

    Oh, Canada!

    Thought you might be considering fleeing north Andrew, to where the snow has already started flying up high.

  3. Katie says:

    Many thanks to you manly, manly men for “harvesting” wood to warm your women and dogs this winter.

    That picture of Brad reminds me of the Lumberjack song from Monty Python.

  4. Andrew says:

    Depending on how the upcoming election goes, I’m keeping my fleeing north options open. :)

    Katie – I think you guys should now have enough wood to turn your entire house into a dry sauna for most of 2008/09.

  5. Matthew says:

    The yellow-jackets’ “Shock and Awe” tactics were unreal. They struck ruthlessly, repeatedly, unseen, and without warning. Raw footage of the attacks would’ve had more anxiety-laden suspense than ‘Cloverfield’.

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