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| December 9, 2010

Yehaw!  The WWW (Wonderful World of Wasatch) was surprisingly good today and if conditions remain stable, should be a blast this weekend.  About 4″ of graupel fell in the last day or so and in sheltered areas it was still Sponge-Bob bouncy powder, but in wind exposed areas it was buffed as smooth and creamy as a trophy wife’s left butt cheek.  Easy trailbreaking, very few people and a wide variety of fun, stable conditions.  Hard to go wrong.

A suicidal winged migration. Photo by Akkabar.

December 9th. Really? Photo by Akkabar.

Ian "Akkabar" Reid from Boulder, CO expresses his jealousy of Wasatch powder.

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  1. Patrick Fink says:

    What nice little couloir is that?

    Seems like a little storm’s in for a refresher– stability’s gonna be dicier for a few days.

  2. Ken S. says:

    Sounds like you’re having some fun down there!

    The pineapple express is supposed to hit the Pac-NW today, with the snow level expected to rise to 7K+. Yesterday at Alpental was plenty of fresh, but also plenty high water content – had to get off the mountain early after getting soaked to the bone. But, we’ll appreciate the solid base come May, I suppose.

    It looks like Akkabar is sporting the new Whippit in picture 3 – good for so much more than self-arrests.

  3. Derek says:

    Is he shaving your chest hair with that blade?

  4. KC says:

    Yep, nothing but crazy-eyed hooligans in the Wasatch. And you can’t get beer. Nothing to see here, tourist skiers. Just move along….

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