“Utah’s Wasatch Range” Book and Party

| August 9, 2012

In the land of contention, aka the Wasatch Mountain Range, it’s a rare and wonderful moment when a positive note is struck for the environment and conservation movement. More often than not, groups like Save Our Canyons are reacting to the latest threat to our beloved mountains, so it’s a cause for celebration when a book like Howie Garber’s new “Utah’s Wasatch Range – Four Season Refuge” comes out. Aside from their physical similarities, Howie has spent as much time roaming through the Wasatch Mountains as a moose, and unlike moose who have no index finger to depress a shutter, Howie is always packing a camera and knows how to use it.

Part of Howie’s original inspiration for this project came from the national debate that Subhankar Banderjee helped create over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with his book “Seasons of Life and Land.” Banderjee’s book beautifully illustrated what could, or would be lost with drilling for oil in the spectacular Arctic area, and likewise, Howie’s book shows what is at stake with over-development in the Wasatch Mountains. If you’ve never understood what the whacko enviro-nazi crybabies (like me) are always fighting to protect, “Utah’s Wasatch Range” will show you in lush living color.

The book is available for pre-orders now and will soon be available in stores and on-line. Better yet, if you’d like to get signed copies from some of the contributing essay authors like Peter Metcalf, Stephen Trimble, Ralph Becker, Alexis Kelner, myself and of course Howie Garber, there will be a book signing party on August 20th.

When:  Monday, August 20th – 7:30pm
Where:  Simply Amish of Salt Lake – 2892 Highland Drive Salt Lake City

More information and reservations can be made on the event’s Facebook page.

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