Two All-Time Favorite SnowKiting Videos

| September 1, 2008

This video of three Norwegian punks shredding Greenland is one of my all time favorite kiting videos and also one of all time favorite expeditions for that matter.  These guys did a vast amount of research on the project beforehand and are excellent skiers and kiters.  In the end, they annihilated the old crossing record by covering 2400km (1,491 miles) in 21 days and also set a 24 hour kiting record of 442.7km (275.1 miles).  They had no intention of man-hauling heavy sleds, so they waited for the wind, then got after it with kites. Afterward, they thanked all of their doubting detractors for the additional motivation, made a YouTube video and called it good.

At the other end of the snow kiting spectrum is the Phrench Phenomena known as Chasta (Guillaume Chastagnol).  There’s so much good kiting in this video it’s hard to pick out any one moment, but right at the 1:00 mark he loops the kite, sticks a perfect landing then seamlessly head back up for more.  What the hell – why not?  I would if could.  :) 

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