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| May 5, 2015

I’ve tried many eating strategies for backcountry skiing over the years.  For a brief time, a friend turned me onto the 5 for $5 burgers from Arby’s, which was entertaining, but ultimately disgusting. When I first discovered GU, I liked the orange/chocolate flavor so much that I bought a case of it, only to throw most of it out a few years later. I tried eating shrimp while running the Wasatch 100 and can only say that at least they came back up easily. Fillet of polar bear feet in Baffin Island was akin to eating a ski boot liner. My homemade halva burst in my pack and glued everything together.  The tinned goods phase, including frog legs, octopus and sardines was novel, but trying to eat them when they were frozen was a challenge and then the empty tin thawed and coated everything with nasty oil. A friend of mine swears by bulk discounted food which has passed its expiration date and other “shops” at the loading docks of grocery stores where they are throwing out food.  One of my favorites is a friend who liked gels so much he bought a 55 gallon drum of maltodextrin so he could mix up his own recipes and eat them from a tube.  I haven’t heard how that experiment has been going, but suspect there is a well nourished sewer system somewhere.

Noah Howell getting a little tongue in Elko, NV.

swedish fish
Just looking at this photo makes me gag. Swedish Fish from CostCo is dangerous.

Nutella – the stuff of dreams, especially in 5Kg packages.

I’m still a big fan of sausage for skiing, but not necessarily on an ice axe.  Photo by Adam Clark – Antarctica.

I’ll still do the occasional piece of two day-old pizza, but for the most part nowadays I try to tank up before and after skiing on normal food and then keep my touring kibble to easy to eat and digest energy snacks.  I prefer ones that are more slow burn and long lasting verses the quick energy dump of super sweet, high calorie blister packs. Along those lines, I have started to work with an on-line company named The Feed which has a huge selection of high quality sports snacks which they custom package for you and send off.  The price is about the same as buying the items elsewhere, plus you don’t have to drive or order cases of any item unless you want to.

The Feed has put together all sorts of sport specific packages for activities like running, biking and skiing, as well as general collaboration categories like Park City Cycling, Triathlete Magazine or the one I started with them, the Straight Chuter Feed Box.  This particular selection includes all of the essential food groups – coffee, Stinger Waffles, Teriyaki Pork Jerky, Nuun tablets and quality chocolate.  They also offer nutrition coaching, but based on my past cuisine choices, I’m not part of that program.

A care package of your favorite energy foods all packaged up and shipped straight to your door.

Feedbox-2 has all of your coffee, chocolate, energy bars, gels, cookies, jerky and snack food needs covered.

Help support and stay fueled up for a day of touring with The FeedClick on the photo below.


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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber and Mountain Unicycle rider. He and Polly Samuels McLean are the parents of two very loud little girls.

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  1. Dan Carpenter says:

    All I see are logos and plastic packaging. Where is the food?

  2. Hehehe. It’s in there somewhere.

  3. guidsnow says:

    Wonder how the breathairian cult members fare ski touring?

  4. A bagel sandwich always does it for me. Bagels hold up well and you can put whatever you want in between the halves.

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