Sunday Photo – Patagonia

| August 24, 2008
Not a skiing photo, but taken in a great skiing zone.
Ben Ditto hiking in Patagonia.
Ben Ditto hiking in Patagonia.

I’m not into trekking for trekking’s sake, but the trails in Patagonia are an exception as they are so naturally beautiful, well laid-out and have stunning scenery.  In this photo, Ben and I were taking a remedial hike up to Lago Toro a few days after carrying crushing loads down from The Southern Patagonia Ice Cap.  The peak in the background is Cerro Torre and you can get a good idea of what makes it so difficult to climb – the weather moves in from the Pacific Ocean to the west (left) and slams into the towers with high winds, moisture and clouds.  While we were having a nice sunny outing in the valley below, it would be pure misery to be up on the spires on a day like this.  And this isn’t even a very bad day!

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