Raison d’être – Part I

| July 24, 2008

Note: I’ve got posts scheduled over the next four days, but physically I’ll be in Crested Butte crushing wildflowers with a 3″ Mountain Unicycle wheel and have limited computer access.

In 1999 I went on an ill-fated trip to Tibet which was sponsored in part by  On the trip, we used digital cameras (which were new & exciting at the time) and had a chance to learn a little about setting up websites.  When I got back,  I bought my first digital camera and set up (named after my dog, who was a princely beast) mainly just for the fun of it.  At the time, it seemed magical to be able to put together trip reports and share them with friends from all over the world.


Nine years later, although it’s still fun, the thrill and novelty of seeing digital photos on the internet have worn off.  While skiing with a group of people last year, someone asked me if I had a website, and when I mentioned, Ben Ditto laughed and called it a dinosaur, which I’d have to agree with.  It was done with the vastly outdated PageMill program, which although it is fairly simple, creates a backwards website where all the new content is added in the back and it is a phenomenal hassle to create and maintain links.  Because of this, I never updated it, and a website without updates is hardly a website at all.

At the same time, it was getting much easier to upload videos to YouTube, fight about telemark gear on skiing forums and post images on photo sites, all of which made dorking around with PageMill seem even less attractive. The idea of reconfiguring was overwhelming, so last Feburary when invited me to be part of their Bad Ass MoFo team, and most importantly, help me set up a shiny new WordPress based website, it seemed like a great opportunity to consolidate my web empire and start anew.

Now I had to think of something to write…

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Touch me, for I am the Golden Goat of eternal discounts.


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