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| July 25, 2008

As an avid skier, I’m always interested in what skiing friends are up to in different parts of the world and often check out their websites.  In the winter this is great, but it in heat of the summer, it becomes apparent that skiing is a seasonal sport and there is not a lot going on.  I didn’t want to write about repairing my roof, building a swing set for my daughter or going on a car camping trip as they are things that skiers might do in the summer, but are not skiing.  I wanted the main page to be skiing, then skiing and/or skier related topics on the forum.

To keep on topic, I’m including excerpts from a Ski Mountaineering which I’ve been working on.  This will accomplish three things; it will keep the daily topics skiing related, I’ll be able get some feedback via comments along the way, and I’ll continue working on the book.  After working on the book for a few years in a piecemeal fashion, I started to edit it and was depressed to see that in an effort to make it all-inclusive, it had become very dry.  If it has to do with skiing and is boring, something is wrong!  The book related postings are numbered according to their chapter (ie: 07 Avalanche Avoidance) and I hope people feel free to comment on them.

I will also be writing occasional trip reports when the conditions, location or event warrant it, but not blow-by-blow daily accounts of where I’ve been skiing as there is plenty of info like that available elsewhere.

I’ll also be writing a few gear reviews, although just for select items which really turn my crank.  In skiing magazines, the biggest seller of the season is the Gear Review issue, which coincidentally is my personal least favorite issue.  I love gear as much as the next junkie, but I prefer to stick to products that I know work and not waste skiing time experimenting with a new women’s tele ski just because it is there.  The best skiers in the world would still be the best regardless of what brand gear they use and I think it is mainly a matter of using what works for you.  Many gear reviews are also heavily biased by advertising dollars, which brings up the question, what’s with the product placements on

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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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