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| June 28, 2008

Skins and beacons are popular items to forget, which shuts down a tour before it even begins.  It’s almost a physical impossiblity for a person booting through deep snow to keep up with a group on skins, and forgetting a beacon not only means you won’t be able to find them, but they also won’t be able to find you!  Because of this, keeping a spare beacon and set of generic skins in your car can rescue many wayward days of skiing.  A bonus of retiring your old beacon to a dedicated car beacon is that you will already know its history and how to use it.

Forgetting gear is a lot like skiing naked...
Forgetting gear is a lot like skiing naked…

Shovels and water are also common show stoppers.  A spare shovel in the car is a good idea for digging the rig out of a snowbank and a liter of water has many uses as well… assuming it doesn’t freeze.

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