Skiing this Morning – report to follow

| December 5, 2008

Yes, Utah got FIVE INCHES of graupel on top of nothing, so I’m going to go check it out in the early morning hours. If you can’t see the rocks, maybe they aren’t as big.

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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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  1. DVT says:

    where did all the funny go from this post?

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ll leave it in there next time, but was worried that it might have offended my east coast cousins.

  3. DVT says:

    I thought it was because you came dangerously close to complimenting colorado’s snowpack

  4. Andrew says:

    I’d never do that, even if it was true. :)

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