Scratch & Sniff in Paradise

| November 16, 2013

Started out the day with an incredibly scenic breakfast while we cruised through Lemaire channel, which we actually got to see twice as we were turned around by sea ice. I’m far from a savvy Antarctic vetran, but this year has had more blocking sea ice than I’ve ever seen which has made Zodiac landings tough and slowed the big boat down a bit.

After a delayed morning start, we pulled into Paradise Bay which had less than blissful skiing. Actually, it was truly shitty with a skiff of powder on top of Arctic glaze that left us scratching around and trying to sniff out soft spots. We were able to milk out a bunch of mini laps before getting back on the boat, having a huge lunch and heading over to Anvord Bay. I’ve never been here before, but it was fantastic and worthy of a full day outing. Beginning with perfect deep & dry landing spot, the first climb reminded me ascending a bowling ball – it started out steep and ever so gradually rolled over into a huge dome of powder.

The skiing itself was probably the best of the trip so far with long stretches of recrystalized duff and semi-steep pitches. Fun, fun, fun.

Skied with the usual suspects – Launce, Dave, Paul and Brian.

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