Preventative Maintenance

| June 23, 2008

Most backcountry ski equipment will live a long, happy life if treated with care.  When used as intended, it’s possible to get many seasons out of a pair of skis, boots or bindings.  When not used correctly, it can break on the first day, which explains why Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are well known at Warranty Centers.  A ski may look like a pry bar or have sharp edges like an axe, but should not be used to move boulders or split wood.

The life of a backcountry ski would make a World Cup ski tuner cry…

Preventative maintenance is an excellent way to extend your gear’s life.  A good habit to get into is to wipe your bases down and prop your skis upside down to drip-dry when you are done for the day.  This helps keep the edges from rusting and your bindings from getting gummed up with sludge.  Skins should be hung up to dry as well. Boot liners will dry much faster if pulled out of the shells. 


Another important part of preventative maintenance is having a good storage system.  Nothing kills off a fresh edge sharpening quite like having your skis slide off the wall, scissor the edges and land on some open paint cans.  Two dowels drilled through a ceiling joist make a quick, cheap and effective place to hang your loyal ski-steeds.

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