PNW not so hot, but ‘Stoke looks good

| December 11, 2008

The Pacific Northwest is definitely a feast or famine area for snow.  One season it sets a world record for recorded snowfall (Baker with something like 1,250″) and the next… nothing.  Right now it is unfortunately in a solid nothing cycle, so I’m going to pass on the logging and head back to the Wasatch.  After graduating from High School, I took two years off to ski.  While the first one was a blast, I have dreary memories of sitting in a lodge in the middle of February watching solid sheets of rain come down and wipe out the 3″ base during the second season.  This was a mixed blessing as college started to make a lot more sense right about then

One place that never seems to lack snow is Roger’s Pass and the Revelstoke area.  Greg Hill (the man with a million feet) has been putting together videos for the last two years and has his first one up.  CAUTION TO SNOW STARVED SKIERS: This video contains gleeful cackling over the great depths of snow, and to make things worse, the skiing took place a few weeks ago.  It is even better now.   Greg’s blog link is off to the right-hand side under “Ski Mountaineering.”

Thanks Greg!

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  1. I can attest to the fantastic snow we’ve had in Revelstoke so far. Great vid!

  2. Dave Nixon says:

    Shhh… Heh Heh. Of course most bc types already know of Rogers. Always worth the trip!

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