Norway in May?

| February 17, 2012

Ice Axe Expeditions is gearing up for two more ski & sail trip to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) off of the northwest coast of Norway this spring.  These trips will be similar to the inaugural voyages they put together last year and will feature skiing way above the Arctic Circle at almost 80 degrees north in one of the more unique and wild places on earth.  Each trip consists of a group of about eight people, including two guides, plus a crew to handle the boat and take care of all of the cooking, cleaning and anchoring.

The first trip is May 17-25th and the second one is My 24 – June 1st.  The skiing/riding objectives vary based on what people are interested in on any given day and everything from mild to wild is available as far as terrain goes. Given how remote this area is, the travel is as easy as it gets due to Longyearbyen (LYR) being the northern most major airport in the world, which means you can book a plane ticket on Expedia that will basically drop you off right on the dock where you then get on the boat.

Aside from walrus, seals, reindeer and perhaps Polar bears (the guides carry guns), the scenery is spectacular and especially plentiful given that there is 24 hours of daylight when the trips take place in May. Like all Ice Axe trips, it is a wild and highly recommend outing all wrapped up in a very professional package. For more information visit the Ice Axe website, or email Karyn Stanley at

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