My Camera is Finn-ished

| November 12, 2008

My cameras have a history of dying with funny shots, and as sad as I am to see my trusty little Canon SD 850 go, it went out with style.

As some background, this photo was taken on a recent trip to Ushuaia, Argentina where we were hoping to get on a boat and then go skiing in Antarctica. This boat never left the dock and the trip was canceled (trip report coming soon), which left everyone with a two week supply of beer, wine and various alcohol and only a few days to dispose of it before getting back on a liquid-free plane. The ensuing party was memorable.

The boat had a variety of nationalities on board, including a group of Finnish tele skiers/riders who quickly became popular due to their quite demeanor and amusing personalities. Here they are punishing one of their country men for an unsanctioned nap…

Mad Dog Finns. When I showed them this photo the next day, they quitely laughed and said “Hmmm, yes, these things will happen.”

This was followed by some Karaoke renditions of “Sweet Child of Mine” at a bar, where much to our surprise, when we opened the door to go back to the boat, it was broad daylight. Hmmm. When I made it back to my berth, I went to review the evening’s photographic evidence and discovered my camera had silently passed away during the night. Perhaps it was the mechanical bull. Maybe it was the attempted swim in the Beagle Channel. Then again, maybe the camera just committed suicide after taking this photo.

I’ve got a new/used Canon G9 coming soon. May it survive many years of hard use and die a spectacular death.
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