My Best Powder Day of the Year

| January 27, 2009
A short photo Trip Report (TR) to pass the time until 10:00am when the Chuting Spree Clue #2 comes up…
With dubious weather and no real objectives, I was planning on just going out for a few turns with Polly today, but the Wasatch had something else in mind, namely one of the best powder days of the entire season.  The recent storm came in warm and bonded well with the old snow before slowly getting colder and colder, while adding on up to 36″ of new.  The skiing was insanely good and surprisingly stable, although if the high winds that are forecast in the next few days come through, this particular powder party will be over.  But, it was good great excellent while it lasted.

Toledo Bowl, Toledo Chute, Pole Line Pass, Little Superior and Superior doing a J.R.R. Tolkien Middle Earth impersonation.

Bruce Edgerly, Vice President of Marketing at Backcountry Access, Inc. This counted as a business meeting, so I'm writing it off my daily expenses (1/10th of three AAA batteries) on my taxes.

Adam from Backcountry Access in Papaya Days.

Andy from Backcountry Access busting pow.

Pregnant Polly poaching powder. The little one was doing blind-mute-grabs of joy.

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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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  1. KatieC says:

    I thought it was Middle-Earthy out there, too! All the eerie fog and mist, all the freeride Orks tromping around on their enormous skis, the skinny, monomaniacal man following me around muttering, “my precious….” Oh, wait, that was Brad.

    Hope to get out for a family tour with you(s) soon!

  2. Chuteski says:

    Prego Polly. You will soon have a great little pack to break trail for you in your senior days. Congrats!

  3. d3 says:

    pregnant d might have liked that best powder day evar but opted for checking out parochial schools (gasp!) for the 5 y.o. yish. i’m just pretending i live in, like, southern california. for a few more weeks.

    really nice photos. almost lee cohen-ish in the gloved hand-powder thang. hope that’s not insulting … !

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi Katie – come to think of it, that man of yours does resemble a certain ring-carrying underworld creature…

  5. Jared says:

    Dang! All my backcountry partners were on a trip to Tahoe so I had no one to go with that day. Now I really regret it! Thanks for the pics ya’ bastard!

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi Chuteskinner – not only prego, but with another girl! The household scales have been radically tipped. I might have to get a curling iron myself. :)

  7. Jax says:

    Ha, was in the same area that day. I will have to agree, best day of the year. So far.

  8. Polly says:

    Hey jax – you didn’t happen to see a gps on the skin track on your way up flag did you?

  9. Jax says:

    Hey Polly, no GPS sighted.

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