Live Antarctica SPOT Tracking

| November 3, 2009

I’ll be updating my location from Argentina, the Drake Passage and the Antarctica Peninsula over the next three weeks with a SPOT personal locater beacon.  The image below should show my latest position, but you may need to refresh your browser to force an update.

I started playing around with the SPOT device last spring and have slowly warmed up to it, to the point that I now think it is pretty damn cool.  It relies on three technologies – GPS, Satellite Phones and the Internet, so the potential for something not to work is always there.  The SPOT unit places a marker on a Google map, which just like all other Google maps can be switched to a variety of views and zoomed in and out.  I have no idea what the Google Earth resolution will be like in Antarctica, but is might be very cool.  The SPOT device only tracks the latest seven days, so it will start to delete the older waypoints as the trip progresses.

Tenative Schedule
Nov 2-5  Ushuaia, Argentina
Nov 6-7  Drake Passage
Nov 8  Deception Island
Nov 9-14 Skiing on the Antarctica Peninsula
Nov 15-16  Drake Passage
Nov 17 Ushuaia
Nov 18-21 Ripping Brown Trout lips in Terra del Fuego
Nov 23 – SLC

Help support and track your location with a SPOT-like ACR Terrafix 406 GPS I PLB from Click on the photo below…


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  1. Does the Spot now have coverage down here? Mine didn’t seem to work last year and the coverage map showed no coverage this far south.

  2. Garland says:

    We want pictures of the brown trout Andrew. Looks like a sweet trip for sure! ~Cheers!

  3. Hi guys…No coverage in Antarctica, I hope you know. Please contact us with any questions. Your site and SPOT messenger integration looks great! Thanks,

  4. Stan says:

    Interesting itinerary, have great time Andrew.

  5. Ushuaia-Info says:

    Welcome to Tierra del Fuego, have a nice antactic trip !

  6. Gregor says:

    Watch out for the Finns at the socials. Have a blast.

  7. gringo says:

    hit update once in a while will ya? gotta keep things interesting for your loyal fans….

  8. Colin in CA says:

    Ditto gringo.

    It looks like the boat sank because there hasn’t been an update in two days. :-)

  9. “The SPOT device only tracks the latest seven days”
    You can change your settings from 7 days to 30 days. Email me if you need help figuring it out.

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