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| October 30, 2008

We survived a massive meatfest for dinner last night, then a round or two on the mechanical bull, but the super heated rooms almost killed us.  For some reason all the indoor areas of Ushuaia are smoking hot.  Fortunately that shouldn’t be problem as soon as we get on the boat and head out.

The boat is coming down from the Arctic and is a few hours late in arriving.  Right now it looks like we will be casting off in a few hours.  Unbeknownst to me, this is one of the first “cruises” of the season down to Antarctica, so all of the systems are still being worked out as far as getting the port, logistics, etc., back in action. On the plus side, the wildlife should be in full bloom/bore with an expected 60,000 pairs of penguis awaiting us on some landings.

The weather looks a bit stormy, but not too bad for a Drake Passage crossing, but then again, that is in Ushuaia and things can, or most likely will, change once we get a bit offshore.  People have already started putting on seasickness patches.

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