How to Win Those BD Boots…

| October 20, 2008

Yes indeedy – tomorrow is SUPER CLUESDAY which means the final clue will be given to win a pair (any size, any model) of the new Black Diamond ski boots.  I’d like to send a big ol’ shout out to BD and thank them for helping to support by offering up such an excellent prize.

Some details:
– the final clue will be given at 10:00 Utah time
– only answers submitted after the final clue is given will count

The final answer (the location within one meter) is what really matters, but for clarity and fairness, the format is:

Continent – (your answer)
Zone/Region – (your answer)
Mountain Range – (your answer)
Specific Peak – (your answer)
Specific Location – (your answer)

If you know the answers to the first four clues, it helps to pretype them for speedy delivery.

You can enter as many times as your speedy fingers can type, but it is the first person with the correct format and answer who wins.

For reference, the final clue is more of a skiing story-problem, which of course includes some of my personal quirky ideas of fun.  You might think about where and how you would travel from this peak.  The answers to all the clues can be found on the internet and are real places.

September 30th – Continent
October 7th – Country or Region
October 12th – Specific mountain range or zone 
October 14th – Specific peak or town
October 21st 10:00am – SUPER CLUESDAY! Exact location. Send in your answer NOW!

Help support and get an appropriate boot-hunting suit, the Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero One Piece Suit from! Click on the photo below…

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