Holy 108m Unintended Huckfest!

| December 3, 2008

My brother-in-law, Colin Samuels of La Grave, France sent me this link to the “official footage” of his Norweigan friend Fred misreading his line and skiing full-bore off of a cliff and catching 108 meters (354′) of air.  And surviving.

Ten feet down, only 342′ left to go.  I’d suspect that right about now Fred was shitting his pants.

The video is higher quality than the standard issue EweTube material, so it takes a while to load up, but the wait is worth it.


According to Colin, Fred “walked away with minor bruising of the liver and was ripping it up a few weeks later.”

Thanks for the linkage Colin!

(edited to add Fred Marmsater’s Norweigan-to-Swedish-to-American translation…)

He said something like “when I got airborne and saw the drop I figured I’m going to die. Then I realized that the landing was snow, and maybe I will not die” bla bla.

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  1. e u says:

    wouldn’t this be the world record??

  2. Patricio says:

    Wow! That’s bigger than the huck-for-Jesus!

  3. Andrew says:

    I think Jamie Pierre’s previous record was 250ish feet, so this cleared that by about 100′, or 33%. I suppose any sort of “record” gets ambiguous if you start considering intentional jumps (Jamie) versus accidental (Fred). In the accidental realm, people have survived failed parachutes from much higher.

    Intentional or not, it is mighty impressive to see the speed and momentary poise that Fred hit this cliff with!

  4. MIKE TRASLIN says:

    And I thought Christian Hosoi used to go huge!This is so sick it is almost wrong.Did he retire from skiing after this?Or did he pounder the possibilities!That would be endless amounts of g strings for me!

  5. Andrew says:

    According to Colin, he bruised his liver, which sounds like something that happens to me after a cheap bottle of Scotch, let alone a 350′ huck. :)

    I thought the most impressive chunk of that film was when the helicopter panned over and you saw both the take-off spot and the landing, which seemed like they were in seperate countries. That was a looooong huck! I wish I could understand what he was saying in the video. May Fred Marmsater can translate. Fred, you out there?

  6. HeMa says:

    When Fred did the turn near the edge, the filmer said that he was already off the intended line… After which Fred made the biggest mistake and banked again for the edge…

    Fred more or less said, he tought he would die as he was carrying too much speed to stop. But when he saw that there was snow on the landing, he tought that he’d have to really go for it and try to land on his side to maximize his area.

    Freds words from the time it actually happened can be found here (among others):

  7. zarathustra says:

    I’m pretty sure Jesus does not want people to huck more than like 250′. Giants can do more cuz they’re, well, taller. Look it up.

    Like AT Imposter said, it had to do with Scotch so this huck was for Satan…

  8. andy says:

    “Ya can’t fix stupid!”

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