Haute Hut Cuisine

| October 4, 2011

We recently spent a night in a hut and I was reminded of an excellent food trick I learned last season from “Goldie” up in Whistler. Time and powder are of the essence with a hut trip and it is a shame to waste them by washing dishes and doing endless clean-up, which takes twice as long if you don’t have running water.  Behold – burritos to the rescue.

Goldie - the mad genius behind the hut burrito theory of increased powder productivity.

The trick is to pre make burritos, wrap them in tin foil and lable them with a Sharpie.  When you get up in the morning, drop it on top of the stove (or exhaust pipe heater), go about your business and within a few minutes you have an instant breakfast.  Clean up entails crumpling the tin foil and throwing it away.  The magical burrito lends it self to breakfast (egg, bacon, sausage, beans, etc.), lunch (classic meat, bean & cheese) or dinner (steak, peppers, avocado, cheese).  Fresh burritos have a short shelf life, but they travel well and work perfectly for a one or two day trip.

The burrito theory in practice. Put them on a warm stove, gear up, drink some coffee, eat a warm burritto and start skinning.

I guess if you were truly looking for the path of least resistance you could even use store bought burritos or Big M Steakhouse burgers wrapped in tin foil.  The possibilities are endless.
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