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| February 27, 2014

Hardly a tour goes by without someone referencing a video nowadays.  “You haven’t seen the one where the guy runs himself over with a snowmobile?  Where he/she smashes into a rock BASE jumping? That avalanche video? Skiing like a Bagger 288?” It makes me wonder what people talked about before YouTube came into our lives.

A few classics…

Although this person survived with surprisingly few injuries, if you’ve ever wondered what it looks and feels like to die in slow motion, this clip gets top honors..


I know… liking this video makes me a bad person, and thinking it is funny is even worse, but it is a favorite, especially as it takes place in my backyard.


Fred Syversen accidentally sets a new world record in cliff jumping by hitting a 351 footer at full speed… and lives.


The snowmobile couloir crash that never ends:


Skier manages to run over himself with his own ghost rider snowmobile.  Hard to do.


The time honored “step into your binding and slide off a cliff backwards” video.  Awesomeness abounds.


A perfect example of why it is so hard/impossible to get off of a slab once it starts moving.


World’s fastest expedition on snow. 2400km in 21 days. Longest distance in 24 hours: 442,7km


The Bagger 288 –

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  1. Some of my favorites for sure, but for East Coast representation, I also nominate this:
    Overall, outstanding combination of excellent production values, serious terrain, and lack of ski talent.

  2. Pondsy says:

    bagger 288. mind. blown.

  3. Yeah Pondsy – I mean, how often do you hear the phrase “soon to be de-meated” in a song?

  4. Nice one Jonathan! All of the above.

  5. Charlie says:

    #2 above is timeless.

    Simon Trautman presented this gem in a decision-making talk at the Northwest Snow and Avalanche Workshop yesterday.

    An instant classic:

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