Gear Lists

Skiing and climbing are gear intensive sports where a single missing piece of equipment can have a profound impact on your day or trip. You won’t be going far without your skins or boot liners!



2) Ski Mountaineering Expeditions

3) Technical Ski Descents

4) Five-day meal menu

Baffin Island Skiing Primer & FAQ

This link will take you to a pdf report on how to go about the logistics of skiing in Baffin Island.


Forget helicopters, new ski resorts or snowmobiles – nothing on earth will open up your skiing possibilities as much as kite skiing. There are many designs and commercially made kites out there, but if you are in the mood to do some stitching, the NASA wing design below delivers a huge bang for the buck and is an excellent expedition kite. Click on the image for detailed instructions.

A 4.8m NASA wing kite. Small enough to fit in a pocket, yet strong enough to rip your arms off.

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