Fred Becky’s Hands

| October 7, 2009

In the process of scanning 80+ photos today, the two that really stood out for me were photos I took of Fred Becky’s hands in 2003 at the West Rib Grill in Talkeetna, AK.  We had just skied Mt. Hunter via a line that Fred had pioneered 48 years earlier and Fred seemed to remember more about it than we did, despite the fact that we were there only a few days before, whereas Fred was there almost half a century earlier.

The legendary Fred Becky.

The legendary Fred Becky recalls details of the West Rib of Mt. Hunter from almost half a century before.

If you ever get the chance, Fred’s slideshows are amazing. He has been giving the same show for years, but he keeps adding his latest outings on at the end. The last one I saw had six trays of 144 images, starting from when he was a young pup and going all the way up to the present. Not recommended for those with mountaineering ADD.

More unexplored North American mountain terrain has passed under these hands than anyone else.  If they could talk, they'd probably say "ouch."

More unexplored North American mountain terrain has passed under these hands than anyone in history, or perhaps anyone in the future. If they could talk, they'd probably say "ouch."

Thanks Fred!
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  1. Polly says:

    His slideshow was amazing. He even kept my new york city focused mom interested. Its great to think he is still out there travelling and climbing.

  2. brad barlage says:

    The last time my life path crossed with Fred I was in Zion at the pizza place. He was super interesting to talk to but quickly lost interest in talking to me after our 20 something waitress came over to talk. Fred was on his game trying to take home the waitress that could have been his granddaughter.

    Super nice man. It is easy to tell from a mile away he lives life with a lot of passion. I hope our paths cross again soon.

  3. Derek says:

    I wonder how many “Becky Routes” exist in all of North America?

  4. Andrew says:

    Good question. There are probably more “Lowe” routes, but then there were two (three?) brothers and a namesake (Alex), so it’s hard to say. In both cases, it is kind of cool that they couldn’t even be bothered to name the route, just and do another.

  5. Colin in CA says:

    When somebody says “badass” the two words that come to mind are “Fred” and “Beckey.” :-)

  6. ptor says:

    Ya, Fred has a real bad ass when camping.
    Long live the wizard!!!
    My favourite Fred quote,”Anybody want some more horse-cock. Ya sure?? We got lots.”

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