First Day of 2013/14

| November 3, 2013

I got out for a tour today with 20+ good friends from all over the world, which was a great way to start the new season. From the town of Usuhaia, it is about a ten minute taxi ride up to the Martial Glacier, which has a small (1 chairlift) ski area and lots of great touring.

In general, the skiing here is very similar to Antarctica. Today we had an inch or so of new snow, but if you are willing to hunt around, skin over some ice and ski a bit of chunder, you can find some wind-blown gullies with 4-6″ of nice, creamy powder, which was the case today.

After a morning of guide orientation where we got to watch Jorge tie some Figure Eight knots (which he is very good at), we put in about 3k worth of skinning in the afternoon. By chance I ended up crossing tracks with Chris Davenport and Howie Schwartz, which made for a great outing.

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