Chuting Spree – Contest Rules for the Black Diamond Ski Boots

| September 30, 2008

With great excitement, I’m thrilled to announce that Chris “GoFo” Grover and Brad “B-Rad” Barlage of Black Diamond Equipment, right here in Salt Lake City, have donated a brand new pair, of any size or model available, of their new BLACK DIAMOND SKI BOOTS!  Can you give me a HELL YEAH!?  The rules and concept is the same as the Great K2 Ski Giveaway, so if you get it, read no further and check out the clues on Tuesday’s/Cluesday’s at 10:00am Utah time.

The Basics
Five semi- weekly clues lead to the location of the boots.  Be the first person to correctly identify where the boots are… and they are yours.

How the Contest Works:
Through a series of ski mountaineering related clues, contestants have to guess the location of the boots. The clues start with the continent the boots are located on, then narrow down to a specific location.  The boots are only there in theory – the real ones are waiting for you at the warehouse.

How to Win:
Be the first person to post the correct answer as a comment on the page with the final clue.  Click here for an example.  HINT: First time commenters must be approved, which causes a delay in your comments showing up.  For the fastest comment posting time, get pre-approved by making a comment on an earlier posting so that the computer knows your name. 

Question:  Are there going to be some really hard, stupid, obscure questions?

Answer:    No. Most of them will be easy if you have been following skiing and/or ski mountaineering for a while, and if not, they will be searchable on the Internets. The final clue will be specific to ski mountaineering lore, but it is not necessary to have been there to know the answer.  (Example: In “The Blizzard of Ahhhs” Scot Schmidt stood at the top of this and said “Yeah, I’ll ski it for sure.”)


– Tuesday is Cluesday.  All clues will be given on Tuesday mornings at 10:00am Mountain Time on the main page of
– In case of a dispute, I (Andrew McLean) will be the sole judge.  I’m the Decider.  I make decisions.
– Immediate family members are not eligible (sorry Mom, Dad, Polly and Mira…)


– Prizes need to be claimed within 90 days of the winning date.  (No, you can’t wait six years for a pair of 2014 Factor Max 1000ZX’s.)
– Prizes are limited to Black Diamond’s available stock on hand. (Sorry, no custom- made gold-plated Method’s.)
– Shipping will be at the manufacturer’s discretion.  (FedEx Overnight International Express to Ushuaia is probably not going to happen.)

Sample Contest

Clue #1 (Continent)
Q:  This continent received a record seasonal snowfall in 1998-99.

Clue #2 (State/Country/Province/region)
Q:  The highest peak in this geographic zone is 4207m tall.

Clue #3 (Mountain Range)
Q: Early explorers referred to this range as “The Three Breasts.”

Clue #4 (Specific Peak/Town/Zone)
Q: This peak was first climbed to its summit in 1898.

Clue #5 (Specific location/object)
Q:  The first ski descent of this peak was continuous except for one obstacle.  For a brand new pair of K2 backcountry skis, what is the specific name of this obstacle?

Answer:  Click Here

Check out the Black Diamond Boot Collection at Click the photo below…



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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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  1. Danielle Lillard says:


    Continent is NOT North America. It’s ASIA!

  2. Danielle Lillard says:

    Doh, I just read the rules too. No posting answers till the end.

  3. Andrew says:

    You are free to post them, but it just makes it easier for everyone else… assuming they are right. Then again, you could always post wrong answers with conviction to mislead people. :)

  4. Chris says:

    Yep, count me in.

  5. drock says:

    Can I play too?

  6. wanderew says:

    count me in.

  7. dallen says:

    gosh. new boots. and trivia. this is the most fun i’ve had since skiing pow.

  8. FCBrian says:

    I’m in.

  9. xkyzero says:

    a little late but in.

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