Chuting Spree Clue #2 – Mountain Hardwear Tent

| January 27, 2009
Follow five weekly clues and be the first to correctly identify where the tent is hidden to win a Mountain Hardwear tent of your choice!

Click here for the Chuting Spree Mountain Hardwear Tent contest rules.

Clue #2:  This skier comes from a famous skiing family and was a Big Mountain Freerider 25 years before the term was even born.  He/she flew a hang glider off the north side of Mt. Everest and was the first person to break the elusive one-hundred and twenty-four point three miles per hour barrier on skis. Sadly, this person died while sleeping in a car which was rear-ended by a drunk driver.

What COUNTRY is this person from? 

Name that skier, or at least the COUNTRY he was from.

Name that skier, or at least the COUNTRY he/she was from. Photo credit withheld until the end of the contest.

Know the country?  Don’t answer now – save it for Super Cluesday.

Clue Schedule:
January 20th – Continent
January 27th – Country or Region
February 3rd – Specific mountain range or zone
February 10th – Specific peak or town
February 17th – SUPER CLUESDAY!  Exact location.  Send in your answer NOW!

Help support and camp in style with a Mountain Hardwear Spire 2 Tent from Click on the photo below…


The Mountain Hardwear Spire 2 is an ultralight 2-person 4-season double-wall tent for alpine climbers and mountaineers who like to move light and fast in the high mountains. The Spire’s double doors are each protected by a vestibule to allow you and your partner to enter the tent without getting snow inside. The double vestibules are also excellent for cooking in a storm and storing gear. At 4lb 9oz, this Mountain Hardware tent weighs far less than most 4-season double-wall tents while remaining strong enough to withstand horrendous winter storms. Light enough for an alpine style assault and burly enough for a fixed camp, the Spire is an incredibly versatile mountaineering tent.

Bottom Line: Travel light and camp comfortably with the Mountain Hardwear Spire 2 tent.


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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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  1. Tab says:

    The answer is (edited) too sad he died so early at the top

    Hope I’m the first entry. Thanks

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Tab – that’s the right answer, however it is only the second of five clues. They start with identifying a continent (clue #1), then a country (clue 2), then a region (clue #3) then a mountain range (clue 4) and then a specific peak (clue 5). Check back next week on Tuesday at 10:00 for the next clue and congratulations on getting this one right.

  3. edward says:

    tamara was a great skier in her day.

  4. Tab says:

    Thanks Andrew for editing that out I felt like an idiot after reading everything again (rules)so appreciate you not letting me ruin it for everyone! I’m horrible about rules…and to think they let me play with bombs for a living!!

  5. Shane Jones says:

    Just getting dialed in with the comment section. Can you send some of that blower pow out west to Tahoe please!

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