Chuting Spree Clue #2 – Black Diamond Ski Boots!

| October 7, 2008

Follow five semi-weekly clues and be the first to correctly identify where the boots are hidden to win a pair (any size, any model) of Black Diamond Ski Boots!

Clue:  Three countries have overlapping territorial claims to this ZONE. 


Now if we could only get there from here…

Know the zone? Don’t answer now – save it for Super Cluesday.

Click here for the Chuting Spree – Black Diamond boots contest rules.

Clue Schedule:
September 30th – Continent
October 7th – Country or Region
October 11th – Specific mountain range or zone (note – not on a Tuesday)
October 14th – Specific peak or town
October 21st – SUPER CLUESDAY! Exact location. Send in your answer NOW!

Featured Black Diamond Ski Boot – Custom Tele. Click on the image below to check’em out at!

The Black Diamond Men’s Custom Telemark Boot caters to aggressive freeheel skiers who push the limits, in bounds and out. The 130 flex index and RidStiff bellows make the Custom Black Diamond’s stiffest Tele boot. The alpine overlap style Pebax shell features a mechanically integrated ski/walk modefor excellent tourability. The shell also boasts adjustable forward lean with three settings covering an eight degree range, providing maximum adjustability for your preferred skiing style. The Boa lacing system adds to the thermoformable liner’s glove-like fit and provides for easy, on-the-go adjustments.

Bottom Line: The Black Diamond Custom craves steep, hairball lines at face-melting speeds.


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Andrew McLean lives in Park City, Utah and is a gear designer, writer, photographer, ski mountaineer, climber, Mountain Unicycle rider and father of two very loud little girls.

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  1. SeldomSeen says:

    Might have new boots this year…

  2. Derek says:

    I had no idea that Tanzania, Congo, and Japan all claimed that canyon as their own. I’m so glad my mad geology skills are gonna win me those sweet kicks!!

  3. trees4me says:

    i can see the boots already… in my closet, hopefully that’s the final answer.

  4. maidez says:

    Might I finally own a pair of Dynafit compatible boots that don’t crush my normal width feet?

  5. mmcduff says:

    gee, I wonder if that flag on top of the signpost could clue me in…

  6. mark roark says:

    ware was that pic tacken?

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