Back From the Ice Coast

| June 8, 2011

I’m back from a month in the Arctic and it was a culture shock to go from down jackets and hats to shorts, sandals and t-shirts in 24 hours!  Best of all, it actually gets dark here at night so you have some idea what time it is.  ;)

Noah Howell on the lookout for adventure.

The trip was a blast in large part to all the great people who were a part of it.  We started out by seeing Hannu from Finland and Jeremy Jones from Tahoe in Longyearbyen, and from there we met up with Doug Stoup, Karyn Stanley, Kim Havell, Ane, Scott Rayner, Scott Flint, Glen Poulsen, Dennis H., The Russians, Keoki Flagg, Tal, Elisabeth D., Giggi, Audun and the list goes on and on. It was a revolving harmonic Arctic convergence of the skiing kind.

I’m sorting through some of the thousands of photos I took and will have the best up here soon, as well as trip reports on both aspects of the adventure – the hiking part and the boat.

One of my favorite images from the trip.

All in all, Spitsbergen is a fascinating place to visit and incredible place to ski.  Highly recommended.

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