Back From Foraker/Sultana

| June 19, 2009

Yow!  What a great ride that was!  Kip Garre, Fred Marmsater, Courtney Phillips and I ended up skiing off the tippy-top of Mt. Foraker (aka Sultana) in the Alaska Mountain Range on Monday morning, June 2nd.  We prepaid for our four-day window of good weather with two weeks of sitting in the tents in a crevasse riddled camp while we played Scrabble, read books and drank grit-infused water.  It was painful at times, but all of that has been forgotten now and the whole thing was an excellent adventure.  A big hug and thanks to Polly for posting update while we were gone.

Alaska Family Values - L to R: Foraker/Sultana (The Mother), Hunter (The Child) and Denali (The Father).

I’m swapping over to a new photo management program (Adobe Lightroom), so my photo editing and posting is a bit behind the curve, however I promise photos and a trip report or two, or three will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, I also shot a lot of video, including this little clip of sitting in the tent, on a glacier…. in the rain.

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  1. Chuteski says:

    Welcome back and congrats on the great ski!

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Chuteski! You were missed on Foraker, although the memories of skiing Denali together many years ago are still some of my favorites. The Messner and Orient Express were looking pretty icy this year.

  3. Ralph S. says:

    Welcome back! Can’t wait for the pictures and trip report(s).

  4. Drew Tabke says:

    Andrew! Congrats on Sultana! What a beauty.

  5. Adam says:

    Congrats on the ski Andrew!! Bummer we couldnt connect while you were here in Talkeetna, looking forward to the Trip Report!!

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi Adam – Sorry we missed you in Talkeetna. Unlike many other trips, we got flights in/out of the glacier with almost no lag time, and as such we were only in town for a matter of hours.

  7. M Marolt says:

    Really looking forward to the photos. this is just super, a great accomplishment(s).


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