Antarctica 2011 – Coming Soon & Going Fast

| June 29, 2011

It seems like the 2009 Antarctic Ski Cruise just happened a few months ago, but once again, it is time to start planning for the ultimate trip down to the White Continent to make some turns in the most amazing place on earth. The trip is organized by Ice Axe Expeditions and the format is very simple – cross the Drake Passage in the comfort of a cruise ship, then disembark with Zodiacs, go to skiing during the day and then return to the ship at night for an excellent dinner while we move to a new location.  Repeat until exhausted, throw in a few parties, a bunch of new & old friends, then cross the Drake Passage again back to Ushuaia in Argentina.  119 out of 120 people on the last trip declared it “the ski trip of a lifetime” and the one hold-out is a poofter, so his vote doesn’t count.

Dinner will be sauteed Sea Bass with an iceberg on the side. The view out the cabin window during dinner.

One of the many things l love about this trip is that it takes place in November, so it’s a fantastic way to start the new ski season.  Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, once you get back back home, you’ve got your ski legs under you and are ready to begin the new year.  Aside from that, skiing in Antarctica is an amazing experience that never gets old.  It is one thing to read about it, but another to be shadowed by penguins and seals in the Zodiac, then get out and ski a line where the roller balls from your edges tumble down thousands of feet before plunging straight into the deepest of the deep blue seas.

The daily commute and trailhead access.

This trip accommodates a wide range of skiing abilities, but obviously the more comfortable you are ski touring, the more skiing you’ll get in.  The price includes guides, of which I am one.  Groups are divided into teams of four per guide, so if you and three friends sign up, we’ll have our own little posse.  If not, you might get me anyways. ;)

The skiing is almost anything you want to make it, including steeps if you happen to be into that sort of thing...

The trip is November 8-20th and once you are on the boat the price includes almost everything but your bar tab and personal charges.  For more information, call Karyn Stanley at 530-582-1246, email her at or check out the website.
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  1. Polly says:

    What is a pfooter?

  2. Andrew says:

    A poofter is mild version of a wanker.

  3. Bruno Barde says:

    Nice site.

    I liked your Valparaiso bike ride. Check my brother’s video 0wnwer/skipper of the sailing boat in Antartica, on my face fook page.

    My brother Eric in Antartica. Very cool…

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